If you’re in the market for a new Macon County state attorney, here are some things to keep in mind. While the office may not be crucial, it can help you with legal matters. These three candidates are all well-qualified to serve in that position. Listed below are their qualifications and their experience. Take a look at their backgrounds and qualifications to learn which one is right for you. After all, your safety and the safety of your loved ones are your top priorities.

Josh Meisner

Josh Meisner, Macon County State’s Attorney, obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Criminal Justice from Missouri Western State University. He also earned his Juris Doctor from the Southern Illinois University School of Law. Originally from Macon, Missouri, Josh has been a prosecutor since 2011. Before his role as Macon County State’s Attorney, Josh served as an assistant prosecutor in Johnson County, Missouri, and represented plaintiffs in personal injury cases through his firm, Meisner and Burks, LLC

As a State’s Attorney, Josh Meisner represents the interests of the citizens of Macon County in all legal matters. He specializes in the area of county government-legal counsel and maintains local business operations in Macon. Additionally, he may also conduct business outside the county, including out-of-state operations. You can visit his website to update his business records. This is one of the many ways to get updated information about Josh Meisner, Macon County State’s Attorney.

Christina Spaid was arrested earlier this year and charged with committing a series of sexual crimes, including endangering the welfare of a child and possession of child pornography. While the state charges against Billie Spaid were dropped in the summer, Meisner said that the investigation would continue in the future. Christina Spaid remains in jail today on a nine-thousand-dollar cash-only bond.

Tammara Wagoner

In November’s election, Republican Scott Rueter was elected Macon County State’s Attorney. Rueter defeated her by just over 5,000 votes. Rueter admired Wagoner’s integrity and dedication to serving the community. During the campaign, Rueter expressed his admiration for the state attorney and her record of excellence. Afterward, Rueter called for a runoff.

Wagoner is currently prosecuting two Decatur men accused of fatally shooting 20-year-old Egerton Dover in his Bloomington home. She also served as the supervising attorney of the Domestic Violence Unit. She is currently the assistant state’s attorney for McLean County, where she is responsible for a domestic violence unit. She and her husband Jason Grauer live in Decatur and have two sons.

The State’s Attorney’s office has denied the allegations in this trial. In February 2017, Wagoner’s office became aware of the shakedown in which she and her team obtained information from inmates. The State’s Attorney’s office argues that her office performed its official duties in fulfilling the lawful expectations of its clients. The state’s attorney must advise county officials on official business. Specifically, she believes that Rule 415(c) was violated.

Scott Rueter

The GOP nominee for Macon County State’s Attorney, Scott A. Rueter, won the race on Tuesday with 29,513 votes, edging out Democratic challenger Tammara Wagoner by nearly 9,000 votes. Rueter is a former state attorney who has worked in the Macon County Public Defender’s Office for 15 years. He said his experience on the defense side has broadened his perspective and helped him win clients’ trust.

In the November election, Rueter defeated Tammara Wagoner, who had worked as an assistant to the state’s attorney. Wagoner was admired by Rueter as a person of integrity and an attorney. The rematch between the two candidates helped Rueter win. Rueter believes that Wagoner’s experience in the field will be valuable to the county.

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