If you or a loved one is disabled, you might be wondering whether you can get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. This benefit is based on your financial need and requires a solid application and case file. If your application is denied, you can appeal your case. Disability benefits are often paid out for ongoing medical treatment, and the best disability lawyers in Columbia SC can help you make your case.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a safety net for those who are unable to work

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a list of medical conditions that prevent people from working that was developed in consultation with medical experts to determine if you qualify. To qualify for DI, your condition must have prevented you from performing any of the basic tasks required at work for a minimum of 12 months. If your condition does not match the list, your state will continue to evaluate you until it determines that your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working.

While the government routinely estimates the number of DI-insured individuals, the numbers for SSI and DI-only beneficiaries are much lower. The study’s findings provide some insights into the size of the working-age population covered by the two programs. For instance, individuals with low education levels are more likely to be eligible for SSI than people with high education levels.

It is based on financial need

Financial need is the difference between the cost of a school and a student’s ability to pay for it. Financial need is formalized by the concept of demonstrated financial need, which uses the cost of attendance (COA) and expected family contribution (EFC) to determine a student’s need. The formula is COA – EFC, where zero means full need. In most cases, financial aid is awarded to students who can demonstrate need. However, the Federal Pell Grant is the exception to this rule.

The cost of attending a college is a determining factor for need-based financial aid, including loans, grants, and work-study programs. The higher the cost, the higher the financial need, while lower-income students may receive less. Other factors that increase financial need include income decreases, the number of children in college, and family size. The EFC for low-income students is about $1,775; the EFC for middle-income students is ten-thousand-five dollars, and the EFC for high-income students is 38,695 (for students without dependents).

It requires a solid application and case file

For those pursuing disability benefits, it is imperative to have a solid application and case file. Disabilities can affect a person’s ability to earn a living, and it can be hard to pay for ongoing medical treatment. To make things easier for those who need disability benefits, Columbia disability resources are available for anyone to take advantage of. These resources often provide free medical services for those who are unable to pay for their care.

If you need help applying for disability benefits, it is best to seek an attorney with experience in this field. A Columbia disability lawyer should know the local rules and regulations regarding disability benefits. Your lawyer will be able to better understand your case if you have a strong application and case file. For the best results, you should consult with a Columbia disability lawyer as soon as possible.

It can be appealed

Denial of social security disability benefits can be frustrating, but it can be appealed. In the Columbia area, the SSA office typically decides on initial applications within four to six months. Then, if your initial application is denied, you have sixty days to file the first appeal. The appeals process involves an administrative law judge. The next step is a disability hearing, which can take as long as two to six months. The duration of these processes may vary in other jurisdictions in South Carolina.

If you’ve been denied SSDI benefits, it is important to hire a disability lawyer in Columbia SC to guide you through the process. An experienced attorney can identify and correct any mistakes that were made in your initial application, and can also provide direction about evidence gathering and presentation. According to the Government Accountability Office, having a disability lawyer representing you increases your chances of winning benefits. If you’ve been denied benefits in a different state, an attorney will be able to represent you across state lines to fight for your benefits.

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