Reckless Driver

Sometimes, road accidents occur not because the weather was awful or the road was in poor condition but because some persons choose to drive in ways not respecting the traffic rules and not considerate of other road users. And more often than not, such accidents result in fatal injuries.

Perhaps you or your loved one has been involved in an accident due to the other driver’s recklessness. What steps should you take afterward to ensure full recovery of health and damage compensation?

Involve law enforcement

Before anything, contact the police. It is important that they come to see what went down at the accident scene. When they come a report will be filed and your account and the reckless driver’s account of the accident will be collected. All of this information can later prove useful should you decide to file a lawsuit and a personal injury claim. It can count as evidence to help you get paid good compensation.

Seek proper medical attention

Next on the agenda would be to get help medically. You most likely sustained injuries, even serious ones from the crash so it is wise to immediately request medical attention.

You can call an ambulance if the police haven’t already contacted one. Request that the medical professionals document your health status from the time of admission to the point of discharge. That documentation is added proof for your injury claim.

Collect necessary contact information

Before leaving the accident scene, make sure to collect some information from the other driver and witnesses. You can collect:

  • Contact number or email of the driver
  • Home or work address of the driver
  • Insurance policy number of the driver
  • Contact information of witnesses
  • The plate license number of the other driver

You can also add brief statement reports from the witnesses.

Reach out to your insurance firm

If you have insurance for the vehicle you were driving, it is wise to call the insurance company and report the accident. Let them know there was an accident and the nature of the accident but, avoid going into details. They may use any details you provide against you to avoid paying full compensation.

So, just give them enough information for them to contact the other driver’s insurance company and request compensation. If there are any problems, you might have to get a lawyer.

Get in touch with a personal injury attorney

You also want to get a personal injury lawyer. This is imperative if you intend to file a lawsuit or injury claim. Experienced attorneys in this field will thoroughly investigate the matter, collect relevant evidence and prove in a law court that you’re a victim of reckless driving. They will also have it out with the insurance company and help you get paid good compensation.

Such efficient and specialized lawyers exist. You can contact one of Mesquite TX reckless driving accident lawyers. They’re ever ready to assist you on your cause for justice.

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  1. No podemos tolerar ver a una persona sufriendo por un accidente, del que no fue responsable y pagando por sus cuentas para estar mejor, eso no puede pasar, eso es inadmisible para nosotros.

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