Don Knapp, the presumptive winner in the GOP primary, is slated to serve as McLean County’s state’s attorney. He beat Associate Judge Amy McFarland by nearly 59% in the primary election. No Democrats have endorsed Knapp, who will likely be elected circuit court judge in December. No Democrats have entered the race. However, McFarland conceded to Knapp, which indicates there are no Democratic candidates.

McFarland concedes to Knapp in GOP primary

McLean County State’s Attorney Don Knapp has won the Republican primary election for a seat on the 11th Circuit judicial circuit. He will face no Democratic Party challenger in November’s general election. If elected to the bench, Knapp will fill the seat currently held by Associate Judge Amy McFarland. Neither candidate has responded to a request for comment.

Knapp’s term as state’s attorney expires in 2024

Don Knapp, a veteran prosecutor, has announced he’s running for circuit court judge. Knapp is the current state’s attorney in McLean County, a large community in central Illinois. Before becoming state’s attorney, he worked for State Farm and as an elbow clerk for appeals court judges. He said he believes he has the experience needed to serve the public and the county.

If elected, Knapp will serve his current term as Mclean County state’s attorney until 2024. He is the son of a Bloomington police chief. During his murder briefings, Knapp receives stuffed animals from police officers. Several other local police officials have also supported him in the past. But he is also seeking a second term in the position.

Knapp is running for circuit court judge

Don Knapp is running for a seat on the circuit court bench in the 11th judicial district of Indiana. The 11th judicial district is comprised of McLean County, Woodford County, Logan County, Livingston, and Ford County. Knapp is challenging Associate Judge Amy McFarland for the seat and is demanding that Paul Lawrence resign. Before running for circuit court judge, Knapp was the State Attorney for Rivian County, where he handled county contracts.

The Republican primary election saw McFarland emerge victorious, beating Knapp by nearly three points. In the end, McFarland was appointed presiding judge in the Family Court, a position normally held by full circuit judges. Knapp, meanwhile, was appointed by the county board to serve as the state’s attorney in 2018. The state attorney’s post is currently open for election and is unopposed until 2024. Knapp has been a county administrator for seven years.

Elizabeth Ryan, a personal injury attorney, is a former candidate for the seat in 2020. She is a former public defender who also served as a state legislator. Peggy Hubbard, a Belleville police officer, is a candidate for U.S. Senate. In Evanston, the incumbent Circuit Judge in the Chancery Division, Rena Marie Van Tine, has been in office since 2021. The Republican candidate for Circuit Court Judge in Mclean County, Michael Weaver, a practicing corporate lawyer, received more than 60% of the vote.

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