Even the brand’s name conveys an air of trustworthiness and familiarity. American Family Insurance, or “AmFam” for short, is a company that provides auto insurance, among other policies. Yet, an American Family Insurance claim attorney will only be necessary if the insurance company is providing a reasonable settlement offer for your personal injury claim. Get help!

What to Anticipate From American Family Insurance

AFI earned almost $402 million in 2020. It’s just another big corporation, like Farmers or GEICO, no matter how pleasant the name may sound. This implies that American Family Insurance employs the standard practices of large insurance firms, which might leave car accident victims feeling pressured or cornered. An attorney familiar with claims against American Family Insurance can be an invaluable ally in defending your legal interests.

Without a lawyer representing your interests, the claims process can be lengthy and frustrating, and insurance adjusters may try to take advantage of your situation. It’s natural to assume that your insurance provider will look out for you. Still, unfortunately, firms like American Family are “in it to win in,” and part of that strategy includes avoiding or decreasing payouts for legitimate claims.

Your Legal Protections

Unfortunately, many people injured in car accidents are unaware of their legal options. Due to the situation’s complexity, it is easy to make a mistake when speaking to an adjuster. Remember that the adjusters from American Family Insurance will only do something to avoid paying out a large settlement.

You should watch your words around the American Family Insurance adjuster after a car crash. You should also be aware of what kinds of access to your documents the adjuster will demand from you. If you want to prevent problems, having an experienced American Family Insurance claim attorney at your side is essential.

To Fight Bad Faith, Call an American Family Insurance Claim Attorney

In the event of a car crash, the insurance company must treat your claim in “good faith.” Avoiding dishonest or unjust practices is the essence of good faith. Insurance companies are required to behave in good faith, but that does not guarantee they will.

Get the information you need from an American Family Insurance claim attorney. They can also recognize red flags suggesting an insurance provider is acting dishonestly. Indicators of bad faith may include but are not limited to, a delay in opening your claim, a misrepresentation of the policy provisions or the facts in your case, a botched investigation of the accident, or any combination of these.

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