Typically, the processing of visa applications follows a set procedure that may take months or even years. A petitioner can accelerate an immigration case by submitting an NVC expedite request in times of need or hardship.

The NVC (National Visa Center) plays a role in the immigration process. It serves as a central hub for visa applications. However, sometimes circumstances arise that require applicants to expedite their case.

Here’s everything you need to know about NVC expedited requests.

Common Reasons to Consider Expedited Requests

An official request to make the processing of a U.S. visa application fast is made through the National Visa Center (NVC) expedite request. In urgent or unusual situations, it seeks to expedite this process.

Typically, for a request to be granted, it must satisfy specific requirements that indicate the necessity of processing it immediately. You must have a good cause before deciding to submit an NVC expedite request.

The following are regarded as appropriate justifications for the request:

  • Petitioner has a medical condition or life-or-death medical emergency
  • Beneficiary has experienced trauma in their country
  • Delays by the National Visa Center
  • Clear USCIS error
  • Financial hardship
  • S. Government interests
  • Petitioner’s health requires the beneficiary to take care of them
  • Beneficiary giving birth soon
  • Urgent humanitarian reasons

A weak case or reason may result in a rejection or delay. Seek advice from an immigration lawyer for proper guidance.

Tips for Successful NVC Expedite Requests

The length of time it takes to complete your application varies based on the type of application you submit. Plus, it depends on the volume of work at the USCIS office.

When USCIS processes your application more quickly than usual, it’s known as expedited case processing. Expedited processing is very beneficial when you encounter emergency problems and significant changes.

Here’s a fast-track guide with expedite request strategies:

Get your receipt notice

Without your receipt notice, you’re unable to submit an expedited case request to the USCIS. Within two weeks of filing your petition, you get to receive a notification of receipt in the mail.

Contact NVC

Now that you have your receipt notice, contact NVC. Reach out to the NVC through the channels. You can call them via email or phone to discuss your situation and request expedited processing.

You can also call 1-800-375-5283 (or 1-800-767-1833 for TTY) to get in contact with the USCIS contact center. Then, you will be connected to the USCIS service center managing your case.

Track your request

With the tracking number provided by the USCIS officer and your receipt number, you may check your expedited request. Visit the USCIS website to follow up on your request for a case expedited. Additionally, a USCIS online account can be established at the same time to track your case.

The USCIS will send you an email shortly after you submit your case expedite request requesting supporting paperwork. Your request for expedited processing will determine which supporting papers you need to provide.

Prepare supporting documentation

Compile all relevant supporting documents that prove the urgency of your situation. This may include:

  • Cover letter. Clearly explain the reasons for the expedite request.
  • Proof of urgency. Any relevant documentation supporting the urgency of your situation.
  • Completed application form. Ensure that you have filled out the application form accurately and completely.
  • Government issued ID. Provide copies of your valid government-issued identification.
  • Fee payment receipt. If applicable, include proof of fee payment.
  • Court orders or legal documents. If your case involves legal matters, include relevant court orders or legal documents.
  • Employer letter. For work-related expedite requests, explain the urgency and importance of your case.
  • Proof of relationship. If your application involves family-based immigration, include proof of relationships.

Seek professional advice if needed. If you are unsure about the process or need guidance, consider consulting an immigration attorney or a reputable immigration service provider. They can offer insights and help you navigate the expedited request process effectively.

How Long Does USCIS Processing Takes?

For every kind of application that they handle, USCIS offers an estimate of the processing time. USCIS provides estimated times on its website, which can be a helpful reference.

To check the current processing times for a specific USCIS form or service, you can visit the USCIS website. Enter the form type and the specific service center handling your case to get an estimate.

Take Note: You cannot currently ask for expedite processing if your case is still outside of USCIS’s regular processing timeframe. You can alternatively make a USCIS service request to receive an update on the progress of your application.

To talk with a USCIS agent, you can also schedule an appointment. It doesn’t hurt to try, even if they might not be able to expedite your immigrant visa processing.


Keep yourself informed about any changes in NVC policies or procedures. This can help you adapt your strategy accordingly.

Also, remember that expedited processing is generally granted in exceptional circumstances. Clearly demonstrating the urgency and providing appropriate documentation will strengthen your case.

Seek professional advice from immigration attorneys or reputable immigration service providers. They can guide you through the process and give you the right immigration services.

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