The Boston Legal Group (BLG) has established a 501(c)(6) organizational structure and a new Board of Directors to further strengthen its support of attorneys and expand its current programming. The group plans to continue to serve attorneys as a resource for legal issues and expand its outreach to other organizations. The organization will continue its current programming and expand its board of directors to include a diverse range of professionals. To learn more about the BLG, please visit our website.

Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard

Hebsgaard has been instrumental in fostering diversity in the legal profession. As a former Director of Opportunity for Boston, she spearheaded efforts to diversify the city’s workforce by supporting 38 corporations. She also helped establish the Boston chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, a powerful organization for African American women. In addition, she has served on the National Board of Trustees for the organization. In addition to her work with BLG, she is active in several professional organizations and civic groups. She currently sits on the group’s Ethics and Standards Committee.

The Boston Lawyers Group is Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard’s most significant contribution to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. She is an active member of numerous organizations and has been honored by many, including the Boston Business Journal. In the mid-1990s, she was named one of 25 “Influential People to Watch” by the Boston Business Journal. She also founded the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity, a program to recruit and retain attorneys of color. The program has garnered national attention as a groundbreaking approach to the diversity of the legal profession.

Board of directors

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Boston Lawyers Group includes Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts-based Lawyers for Civil Rights. This organization was founded in the 1960s at President Kennedy’s request to help the civil rights community achieve justice for all. His experience includes complex federal litigation for a diverse client base. He has served as a member of the Boston Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee.

In June 2010, the BLG’s Executive Committee appointed an attorney to serve as the organization’s liaison to its members and constituents. As part of its mission, the Attorney Advisory Committee works to increase the representation of attorneys of color in the Boston legal community. The committee actively seeks nominations from leaders of member organizations. The selection committee seeks members who are committed to diversity and inclusion within the legal community. While there are many important considerations for a member organization, these two are the most vital.

Diversity committees

The Boston Lawyers Group (BLG) is a collaborative consortium of more than 40 law firms, corporate law offices, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing the legal profession. Members of the Diversity Committee work to improve the representation of attorneys of color within the Boston legal community. The BLG seeks nominations for the Committee from the leaders of member organizations. A diverse membership is essential for the organization to meet its mission and remain competitive.

One such committee, which supports law students, is the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Boston Lawyers Group. The committee is comprised of partners, associates, and staff. The members are Max Stern, Nicholas Carter, Lauren Bussey, and Maryann Arsenault. Diversity committees are crucial to maintaining the group’s competitive edge in the legal market. In addition to promoting diversity, the committee also helps retain and recruit the best legal talent in the region.

Mentor programs

Boston lawyers groups are now offering mentor programs to assist young attorneys who are pursuing a legal career. This initiative aims to provide guidance and mentorship to help young attorneys make the transition from the military to the legal profession. The program also helps military members transition smoothly from military to civilian life, while balancing the demands of both worlds. The mentoring program is facilitated by a team of experienced Boston attorneys who are willing to serve as resources and guides for military members.

The Boston Lawyers Group is holding a Mentor Kick-Off Reception to introduce the program. All interested mentees must attend this event, as well as the Mentor Kick-off Reception, to make the connection between mentees and mentors. The absence of the Kick-off Reception may disqualify a person from the program. To register, contact the Boston Lawyers Group office.

Virtual summer series

The Boston Lawyers Group (BLG) recently kicked off its Virtual Summer Series with a session on “Navigating the Law Firm Through Technology”. This is the first of a series of virtual programs that are designed to engage and connect summer associates, provide resources to the firm, and build a community of attorneys. Participants will participate in small group workshops led by highly skilled mediators and federal judges. All sessions will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm, and space is limited.

The VLCF has attracted more than 40 employer participants and nearly 150 law school, students. It has benefited law students from all over the country, including those transitioning from the military. One candidate described it as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

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