You have just learned that you have a suit against Allstate, and now you are in the Allstate agent lawsuit process. Maybe you are not sure what to do next or where to turn. There is a lot of important information you need to be aware of, and a lot of decisions to make. Let me give you some advice on your Allstate attorney lawsuit process.

First, when you are in an Allstate agent lawsuit, you must contact your Allstate agent immediately to get a copy of the lawsuit paperwork.

Do not wait until the lawsuit has been filed with the court. You do not want to find yourself in the same situation, and then lose your chance at a fair trial. If you are at wits end at any time during the lawsuit process, you must call your agent now.

Second, you must obtain and retain a copy of your complaint. The easiest way to do this is to get a hold of your Allstate policy. Note the date of your policy renewal. Also note the case number of your case.

Third, you must investigate what type of damages you can file in your lawsuit.

This depends on the type of injury or claims you have against Allstate. For example, if you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, you need to know the extent of your injuries. Also, if you have a work related injury, your claim for wages lost will also require proof of these damages.

Fourth, you must assemble all of the documents necessary for your lawsuit. You should not waste your time trying to do this on your own. You will need a deposition form from your attorney, a claim check from Allstate, and other appropriate documents. These documents should be retained in a sealed envelope. Only your attorney and Allstate can open them.

Fifth, you must select an attorney that will aggressively pursue your claim.

You are advised to avoid selecting an attorney who has signed a pay for play agreement. Attorneys that signing this agreement usually receive a kickback from Allstate when their client loses. As such, they tend to ask more fees than they are entitled to. Make sure you hire a reputable attorney.

Sixth, you must request that your Allstate agent forward your lawsuit to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier will then receive a complaint from Allstate. If the complaint is found valid, Allstate will inform your insurance carrier and give them thirty days to investigate the claim. If the insurance carrier does not carry the case, then Allstate will notify you. Then you will need to send a letter to Allstate informing them that you are requesting that your case be dropped without prejudice.

Seventh, if all else fails, you must seek counsel from a qualified personal injury attorney.

A qualified personal injury attorney must be an expert in tort law. Therefore, he or she will know what type of evidence and witnesses must be presented in order to win your lawsuit.

Lastly, if Allstate does not accept your case, then you must seek representation from another insurance company. Your previous agent can still be responsible for paying your bill if they did not follow the letter of the law. In addition, agents who do not follow the law may be susceptible to future claims from other clients. If this happens, your case could be lost.

Hopefully, at this point you feel fairly confident that your Allstate Agent Lawsuit is likely to work in your favor. However, it is never a guarantee. If you are not successful in your lawsuit, Allstate will not be liable for lost payments. Therefore, you should not lose hope if your case does not work out.

An Allstate agent lawsuit is a long process.

Therefore, you should be prepared to devote considerable time and energy to your case. Keep track of the various documents and information that you need to gather in order to build your case. Contact Allstate as soon as possible if you think your case might go to court. This will help you determine whether or not your insurance carrier will accept your case.

In addition to the stress and hassle that this process can cause, you could also lose thousands of dollars if you lose. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that you are fully prepared to fight for your rights. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to lose. This is why you must act quickly in order to resolve your Allstate insurance claim. If you fail to do so, your rights will be violated and you will be forced to pay damages.

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