A Good Lawyer’s Wife is a 2003 South Korean drama film about a dysfunctional South Korean family. It stars Moon So-ri as Ho-Jeong, a successful lawyer who is a good mother to her adopted son. However, there is another side to the story: her husband has an affair with another woman. What do you think of this woman? Let’s find out. Read on to find out!

Ho-Jeong (Moon So-ri) is a good wife to lawyer’s husband

The title character, lawyer Joo, is married to dancer Ho-Jeong. They have a son, but their marriage has hit a rough patch. Her lawyer husband cheats on her, and she’s left with a pathetic, dying father. To make matters worse, Ho-Jeong is flattered by a peeping teenager. Meanwhile, her husband’s dying father is suffering from liver failure, and her lawyer husband accidentally hits a drunk motorcycle driver.

I’m Sang-soo’s film is based largely on Moon So-ri’s performance as Ho-Jeong. Her powerfully physical performance makes it easy to empathize with her alcoholic husband, while you can hardly blame her for being a strong female presence. Hwang Jung-min, who plays her neighbor Joo, is good as well, but his performance falls short of her co-star’s.

Moon So-ri’s performance is one of the highlights of “A Good Lawyer’s Wife”. The film’s pacing is remarkably brisk, and the supporting cast pulls out all the stops to provide a great ensemble. In a lesser film, the viscera of the proceedings would come across as phony, but I’m Sang-soo’s handling makes this a film that is thoroughly engaging and rewarding to watch.

she is a good mother to their adopted son

“A Good Lawyer’s Wife” is a 2003 South Korean drama film about an unhappily married woman who gives up her dancing career to care for her ailing husband and his adopted son. The main character, Ju Yeong-jak, is a successful lawyer who works long hours. His wife, Eun Ho-Jeong, is a hard-working dance teacher who gives up her career to be “a good lawyer’s wife”. The film depicts the complicated relationship between the two women.

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