Stevia lawsuit is one of the most talked about products on the market today. Stevia is a sweet, organic sweetener that is made from the Stevia plant, which grows in several locations throughout the world. There have been no negative health effects reported from ingesting or using Stevia as a sweetener. However, the sale of Stevia has not prevented the production of products containing it in numerous health food stores and online websites. In fact, Stevia has become so popular that it has spawned its own industry, including Stevia weight loss products and Stevia juice.

Stevia Lawsuit

The primary selling point of these products is that they promise to increase your metabolism and promote weight loss. According to the law firm that filed the initial lawsuit against Evian, there are at least 20 valid complaints from consumers claiming that the Stevia Diet Pill and other related products are defective and do not provide the promised results. In fact, this particular law firm represents more than one hundred individual plaintiffs who have claimed that they suffered serious health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes as a result of taking stevia and/or its related sweetener.

The first phase of this particular lawsuit was a multi-million dollar settlement deal between the manufacturers of the Stevia Diet Pills and Evian, Inc.

The second phase of the suit is expected to be settled in the near future. Currently, the manufacturers of stevia, as well as several major diet supplement companies have already entered into settlements with the plaintiffs’ attorney’s office. It remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will join the fray.

While there is still a possibility of additional Stevia lawsuits being filed regarding the health impacts of this product, the overwhelming number of claims filed against it are based upon purely financial reasons.

These cases essentially boil down to one issue – whether or not the manufacturers of stevia and related sweeteners take appropriate steps to warn consumers about the potential dangers of their product. The Stevia lawsuit does not seek damages for all of the direct personal injury claims that may have been brought against the defendants. Rather, the claim is only seeking monetary compensation for the direct injuries that have resulted from the use of stevia, as well as the direct health harms associated with the consumption of sweetened beverages containing stevia. For these reasons, any monetary damages awarded in the Stevia lawsuit will be limited to those associated with direct injury claims. In addition, it should be noted that even if monetary damages are awarded, those damages will be paid by the defendants anyway.

When consumed, stevia sweetener can cause a number of negative health effects.

Its main effect is as a sweetener, which can increase the carbon monoxide content in your bloodstream. Other harmful effects include a slowing of your metabolism, the reduction of muscle tissue, and the lowering of blood pressure. The sweetener has also been found to alter the taste of blood, leading some to believe that it may have an effect on one’s intelligence level.

There are two things about stevia that make it different from other natural sweeteners.

First, it contains Stevia. Second, it has no legally recognized medicinal qualities. In this regard, the lawsuit against the defendant, Hylitol, focuses on the fact that the sweetener is legally defined as a sweetener. If the FDA classifies a product as a dietary supplement, then it cannot be marketed directly to consumers.

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  1. My wife is allergic to any artificial sweetener. She had a bottle of “Remedy” which is advertised as 100 percent organic. Stevia that is served in food is absolutely not organic. I had to jab my wife with an epipen and then take her to urgent care shortly thereafter.

  2. I would like to join any lawsuit against any artificial sweetener. Anytime I eat any kind of artificial sweetener I get a migraine headache. It is very annoying and I never know when it’s going to happen. There is no warning

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