When buying or selling real estate, it’s an exciting time in one’s life. It could be the beginning of a new venture or a sign of growth, but it can also be fraught with danger. Using a real estate attorney to protect your interests is an essential decision, as such transactions involve substantial amounts of money and potential damage. The Edgar Law Group, LLP has extensive experience in California real estate law and has helped many clients find solutions to complex legal problems.

Cheri E. Michaelis

Attorney Cheri E. Michaelis founded Law Offices of Cheri E. Michaelis to provide legal counsel to the residents of San Jose and the surrounding area. She specializes in estate planning, real estate, and tax planning. You can count on her for the best service in these areas. Her firm also offers a free consultation. She is a top choice for those needing estate planning advice.

This law firm serves the San Jose area. Attorneys at the firm specialize in commercial and residential real estate transactions. They work with individuals, real estate companies, brokers, and businesses of all sizes. Their attorneys also specialize in real estate litigation and other business matters. In addition, they handle lease agreements, corporate counseling, tax-deferred exchanges, and real estate partnerships. They represent both landlords and tenants and can help with all aspects of these transactions.

Leo B. Siegel

The Law Office of Leo B. Siegel, PC, practices real estate law in San Jose and represents clients throughout California. Founded by Attorney Leo B. Spiegel, the firm specializes in all aspects of real estate, from landlord-tenant disputes to boundary disputes and mortgage and fraud cases. To learn more about the firm’s services, contact them today! Here are some of the most common real estate disputes they handle:

If you are considering hiring a real estate lawyer in San Jose, it’s a good idea to read reviews about several of them before making a decision. Leo Siegel is highly rated by his peers and has a strong reputation among real estate attorneys. He is also a member of the California State Bar, American Bar Association, Real Estate Section of the Santa Clara County Bar Association, and the Commercial Law League of America.

Nick Heimlich Law

If you’re interested in hiring a real estate attorney in San Jose, California, you may want to consider the services of Nick Heimlich. He is a highly experienced lawyer who has a long history of helping clients. In addition to a strong track record in court, Nick is also very familiar with the local area. In addition, he’s well-versed in the laws of the State and Federal Courts.

Nicholas Heimlich is a San Jose real estate attorney who provides legal representation to both tenants and landlords. His expertise and experience in this area of law ensure that clients receive the best possible legal result in every claim. You can trust him with your real estate needs. If you’d like to speak with a San Jose real estate attorney, contact Nick Heimlich Law today. You’ll be glad you did!

Diemer & Wei

If you need real estate legal services in San Jose, California, you may want to consider hiring the services of Diemer & Wei. The San Jose-based law firm specializes in business, real estate, and bankruptcy law. Their attorneys provide legal services for transactions in real estate, boundary disputes, partition lawsuits, and mortgage lending. Julia M. Wei is a partner at the firm. She has been practicing law since 2001. She served as co-chair of the Committee on Women in the Law.

Julia M. Wei, Attorney-at-Law, is a real estate attorney who provides commentary on California real estate law. She provides clients with insight into mortgages, foreclosures, and lending laws. The firm also represents real estate professionals in Northern California. Their attorneys have extensive experience in the San Jose real estate industry. Diemer & Wei Real Estate Attorneys in San Jose are listed on the Best Lawyers in California list.

Pratt & Associates APC

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney in the San Jose area, Pratt & Associates APC is an excellent choice. This law firm is based in Los Gatos but handles real estate matters throughout the San Jose metro area. They represent sellers, purchasers, builders, and lessors. Their attorneys can help you with all aspects of transactional affairs, including closing, lease negotiations, and construction-related issues. They also provide litigation, arbitration, and mediation services.

The attorneys at Pratt & Associates APC have decades of experience serving the San Jose area. They specialize in commercial and residential real estate transactions and work with individuals, brokers, and businesses of all sizes. Their attorneys are experienced in dealing with complex transactions and can represent you in commercial real estate transactions, leasing, and tax-deferred exchanges. They also handle business litigation and other matters, so you can be sure they have the experience and dedication you need to get the job done right.

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