In Class Action Lawsuits, victims of pipeline disasters are given a “legal right” to seek compensation from corporations responsible for negligence. Corporations are not allowed to try to deny liability, because doing so is deemed to be in violation of the law. Additionally, the laws apply only to claims within specific fields of industry, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that accidents that result from pipeline operations fall under that category. While natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, drought and snow storms are covered under general insurance policy provisions, Class Action Lawsuits only targets pipeline operations.

Piping Rock Class Action Lawsuit

There are many reasons for this designation. When oil or gas pipelines were new or used for sensitive purposes, they may have been built with little or no warning about the potential hazards. The spill could have easily been discovered by an employee on the property, and legal claims would have been limited to those made against the property owner. But, the existence of this kind of negligence behind the scenes of regular operations now makes these types of lawsuits viable.

Most pipeline companies own or operate on federal or state lands, which means that any negligence claims must be filed within the jurisdiction in which the accidents occurred.

Federal and state laws make it very difficult for non-residents to file in nearby states, making the pipeline companies extremely powerful corporate shields. In the case of pollution claims, the process is often much more straightforward. Claims should be filed within the state where the pollution actually occurs, and the damages awarded per gallon of polluted water. But, in the case of pipeline accidents, the spill must be discovered, and the responsible parties then must face the prospect of defending their actions in court.

If you have been injured because of a defective product manufactured by a pipeline company, or even if you believe that you have a valid case, it is always wise to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney to get advice on filing a class action lawsuit.

Not only will experienced lawyers help you understand your legal rights as a victim, but they will also be able to assess your chances of securing compensation in a class action lawsuit from the pipeline company. A good lawyer will know exactly how to proceed to obtain the most favorable class-action ruling possible, and he will work to your benefit whether the case is won or lost.

A pipeline accident can result in personal injury claims for a wide range of injuries.

Among these include but are not limited to: broken bones, sprained muscles, temporary paralysis of arms or legs, permanent disabilities, sickness, death, and in some cases even death. Damages may be awarded in court based upon the degree of personal injury suffered, with compensation ranging from several hundred to millions of dollars. The court may also award punitive damages in extreme cases, which are meant to send a powerful message to irresponsible companies. In order to obtain the most favorable judgment, lawyers often try to build a strong case from various depositions and witness statements. Expert witnesses who analyze the accident and its causes can significantly increase the damages awarded in a class-action lawsuit.

One of the biggest problems that arise from pipeline spills is the damage that they can cause on the land around where the pipeline is located.

In many states, the damage caused by a pipeline spill may be covered by natural disasters insurance. In the event the spill damages land or property, the pipeline owners may be liable for the cost of cleanup and repair, even if they had no negligence in the design or operation of their pipeline. For more information about filing a pipeline company lawsuit, contact an experienced pipeline litigation attorney.

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