Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit: An Overview

Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit

Background of the Wells Fargo Scandal

The Wells Fargo scandal surfaced in 2016 when it was revealed that employees had opened millions of unauthorized accounts in customers’ names to meet sales targets. The unethical practice, known as “cross-selling,” involved opening checking and credit card accounts, as well as enrolling customers in various financial products without their consent.

The Emergence of Class Action Lawsuits

In response to the scandal, multiple class action lawsuits were filed on behalf of affected customers. These lawsuits alleged that Wells Fargo engaged in illegal and fraudulent activities, which caused financial harm to customers and violated their privacy rights.

Significant Class Action Settlements

Since the scandal broke, Wells Fargo has reached several significant settlements to resolve class action claims. The largest settlement to date was in 2018 when Wells Fargo agreed to pay $142 million to compensate customers for the unauthorized accounts and related damages.

Ongoing Class Action Lawsuits

Despite the settlements, there are still ongoing class action lawsuits against Wells Fargo. These lawsuits focus on various aspects of the scandal, such as the impact on customers’ credit scores and potential violations of state consumer protection laws.

The Impact of the Wells Fargo Scandal

Effects on Wells Fargo Customers

Fraudulent Accounts

Many customers were surprised to discover unauthorized accounts in their names, sometimes with fees and charges associated with them. These unauthorized accounts caused financial strain and confusion for affected individuals.

Damaged Credit Scores

Customers also experienced damaged credit scores as a result of unauthorized accounts. These negative impacts on credit scores made it more difficult for customers to secure loans, mortgages, and other financial products.

Repercussions for Wells Fargo

Fines and Penalties

Wells Fargo faced significant fines and penalties in the aftermath of the scandal. Regulatory agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), imposed a combined $185 million in fines in 2016.

Reputational Damage

The scandal dealt a serious blow to Wells Fargo’s reputation, causing many customers to lose trust in the institution. The bank has since been working to rebuild its image and regain customer confidence.

Participating in a Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit

Determining Eligibility

To participate in a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo, individuals must first determine their eligibility. Typically, eligibility is based on whether the person had unauthorized accounts opened in their name or experienced damages related to the scandal.

Joining a Class Action

Once eligibility is established, affected customers can join a class action lawsuit by following the instructions provided in the lawsuit’s notices or by contacting the law firm representing the class. Joining a class action lawsuit allows customers to seek compensation without having to file their own individual claims.

Potential Compensation

The compensation received from a class action lawsuit depends on the specific settlement agreement and the individual’s damages. Compensation may include reimbursement for fees, charges, and any other financial losses resulting from unauthorized accounts or activities.

Legal Representation

In a class action lawsuit, a single law firm typically represents the entire class of affected individuals. This allows the plaintiffs to share legal costs and streamline the process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for all parties involved.

Moving Forward After the Wells Fargo Scandal

Regulatory Changes

Following the Wells Fargo scandal, regulatory agencies introduced stricter oversight and controls to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Banks are now subject to more rigorous examinations and reporting requirements to ensure they maintain ethical business practices.

Wells Fargo’s Efforts to Rebuild Trust

Wells Fargo has taken numerous steps to regain customer trust and prevent future scandals. These actions include appointing new leadership, implementing enhanced sales practices, and investing in customer remediation efforts. The bank has also increased transparency by providing regular updates on its progress.

Lessons Learned

The Wells Fargo scandal serves as a cautionary tale for both banks and consumers. It highlights the importance of ethical business practices and the need for strong regulatory oversight. For customers, the scandal underscores the need to be vigilant and monitor their financial accounts regularly.


The Wells Fargo class action lawsuits are an important step toward justice and compensation for affected customers. As the legal process continues, it is crucial for individuals to remain informed and participate in any eligible class actions. Meanwhile, the banking industry must learn from this scandal and work to rebuild trust with consumers by prioritizing ethical behavior and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit allows a group of individuals who have suffered similar harm to join together and seek compensation from the responsible party.

How can I join a Wells Fargo class action lawsuit?

Determine your eligibility and follow the instructions provided in the lawsuit notices or contact the law firm representing the class to join.

What kind of compensation can I expect from a Wells Fargo class action lawsuit?

Compensation depends on the specific settlement and your individual damages, but it may include reimbursement for fees, charges, and other financial losses related to unauthorized accounts or activities.

What has Wells Fargo done to address the scandal and rebuild trust?

Wells Fargo has appointed new leadership, implemented enhanced sales practices, invested in customer remediation efforts, and increased transparency.

What can I do to protect myself from similar banking scandals in the future?

Regularly monitor your financial accounts, be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to your bank and the appropriate regulatory authorities.

How to Join a Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit

The Wells Fargo class action lawsuit is a popular option for bank customers who have been overcharged for overdraft fees. If you’ve been a victim of the bank’s overdraft policies, you may be eligible for a settlement. You can join the suit by completing the Consent to Join form and providing your personal information. In most cases, the bank will compensate its customers with a settlement that is more than $142 million.

You can join a class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo if you are one of the many individuals affected by this mismanagement.

This type of lawsuit is based on the fact that the bank took money from a government program and failed to pass the benefit onto the people it harmed. The federal government is attempting to keep mortgage holders in their homes by providing these programs. But, the bank refused to pass this benefit along to their customers.

This lawsuit is a good option for bank customers who were harmed by Wells Fargo’s improper account practices. If you were denied a loan modification because of mismanagement, you may be eligible to receive a settlement. This settlement will compensate you for any losses you have suffered as a result of Wells Fargo’s actions. Depending on your case, you may even be able to collect some money.

In addition to filing your claim with the Court, you can choose to designate a Plaintiff to represent you in the case.

These representatives will make decisions for you on behalf of the other members of the lawsuit. They will determine what the class should do and whether you are eligible to receive compensation. If you’re an eligible plaintiff, you may receive payment from the plaintiff. If you’re not eligible, you’ll be notified of the lawsuit, but you might not receive payment.

In addition to the settlement amount, you can also take action to recover the damages you’ve suffered. By filing your complaint, you can be included in the lawsuit. You can also designate a representative to lead the lawsuit. This individual will make decisions regarding the case, including how the case should be conducted. It will be binding on the person you designate to represent you. So, you should make sure you choose a Plaintiff who is qualified to represent you.

The Wells Fargo settlement check will be mailed to eligible Original and Supplemental Class Members.

The Settlement check will be sent to all eligible Original Class Members on December 7, 2020, and to all Supplemental Class Members on January 6, 2022. This means that you have until May 14th to decide whether you wish to opt for the $142 million settlement. The deadline for filing your complaint is set to end on June 14, 2020.

In addition to the settlement amount, you can also choose to designate a representative to lead the case. You can do this by designating a representative to represent you. This person will then make decisions for you on how to conduct the case. The decision will be binding on you. If you want to join the lawsuit, you should make sure to read the Consent to Join form. This will help you understand your rights and what’s happening in the case.

When you join a Wells Fargo class action lawsuit, you may be eligible for a flat-rate refund.

Alternatively, you may receive a lump-sum payment based on the amount you paid for the loan. If you’ve suffered from high credit card interest rates, you may be able to receive the money. However, the funds will not be immediately available to you, as they will have to go through the appeals process.

If you wish to join the lawsuit, you should consider your legal options and make sure that you get the right representation. If you’re eligible to join a Wells Fargo class action lawsuit, you should choose a representative who will act as your representative. A representative will help you make decisions for you and the other plaintiffs in your case. They should also be able to make decisions for you.

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  1. I live in Macon, GA and recently sold over the phone a small number of stock shares from an account I have had with Wells Fargo Advisors for 10 plus years; They deducted the sum of $977.50 from my settlement check with no explanation given; When I called their call center to ask why, I was told the charges were for their full service option associated with the account. When I asked when this feature was added to the account and by whose authority, the call center rep said it would need to be researched and they would be back in touch and of course this has not happened. I have never authorized, consented to, expressed any interest in, had any form of communication regarding, or have ever had any need of their full service option. I returned the voided check they sent to me and returned it by registered mail to their CEO- a Mr. Charles Scharf at their San Francisco corporate office asking for a true and correct settlement without their unfounded deduction for some services they arbitrarily added to my account without my consent or authorization; I have sent two of this demand letter to him and so far no response from him; What recourse do I have for this form of theft Wells Fargo Advisors is trying to get away with?

    1. the short Wells Fargo employees set up my automatic mortgage payment in their system 15 days past the due date, occuring late fees sometime multiple per month for 8 months, and not once was I informed the were late. Most of all my credit rating went from 815 down to 525. Granted Im probably at fault for some of that score dive but id say -200.00 would have to be t least their responsibility and so they dropped the most recent fee. Do I have any recourse? The fees/money is not all that much in the long run but the Credit Rating drop truely unbareable.
      Combing a previous experience with them in college and all the news reports on fraud i had already formed a mistrust of Wells Fargo so when they bought my mortgage from my orig. broker I was …..but about 2 years back…. It had been about 6 or 7 years into my mortgage and i got a notice that another automatic payment of mine was not paid due to lack of funds. I couldnt figure out why because my paycheck was set up on auto deposit in a couple days before my mortgage due date. So I found that strange and when I went to look into it somehow instead of the Due Date of 15th, for some reason Wells Fargo had taken it out on the 1st. So I called them and they coudnt give me a good explaination to why but they showed a due date on the 1st even though I argued with them to look at all my previous payment showing the 15th. After some confusing arguements I finally got the guy to re-set my payment due date for the 15th and he deleted a late fee that I was unaware of because of the 15th to 1st due date change.
      Just to remind…Ive always had autopay as with most all of my reoccuring bills because im terrible at remembering to pay them on time.
      That was like December or January 2021. In October later that year Right around mid-January i hurt my back falling down some stairs and cant work, and then COVID hits in March, long story short, fastforward to Novembers im struggling to make my payments but am able to find a Govn’t Program that helps my push my payments off for 6 months and foreclosure dates would also be pushed.
      So I get enough time to to put my place on the market and after some headache, nail biting and prayers Im able to sell it, but as Im looking into the statments to see what I needed pay off what I owed, I notice 8 months of late payment fees (not just 8 either) for January to August. So I called them, asking why I got late fees charged for 8 consecutive months on payments made with autopay. They tried to say I was making my payments every month since I talked to the guy in December, 15 DAYS LATE EVERY MONTH SINCE! I lost it a little…but then asked so your employee set up my automatic payment date for 15 days late..Im sorry but WTF! Why, How… the end she took of the most resent late fee and stuck me with the rest….
      sorry for the long winded comment

  2. I also sold stock recently and I was charged very high commission for sell and buy treasury bonds .There was no warning that the commission would be sooo high

    1. I had a phone call from a Wells Fargo Caller ID on 3/30/2023. Just a week earlier I reported fraud on debit card. $271 charge at Lowe’s in North Carolina. Also several smaller ones. I live in Florida. Made a claim and reimbursed. Then on 3/30/2023 I get the ‘spoofed’ Wells Fargo call. Individual claims to be with Wells Fargo Fraud. Indicates more fraud has been committed. Starts rattling off transactions with dates and amounts and questioning them. I’m looking at check register and he’s right on. BTW SOMETIME around 12:12 pm on 3/30 he also transferred a $1,000 from credit card to checking incurring a $50 cash advance fee. I said I better login and change password. He says he has one for me ‘tempowells1951’ (birth year btw). I login. He says the fraud needs to be ‘countered’. Directs me to Zelle and tells me to pick name from a list – Salvadon Lundy. Lured into sending him $1,000. Prior to this I knew Zelle was a payment app but had never used it and wasn’t really aware of access to it through account. He said go to your ‘accounts’ page. ‘See the same balance’. Since he breached my account he’s the one that did the credit to checking transfer. Right the ‘same balance’ because he did a credit card transfer from credit to checking and I did debit transaction from checking (Zelle). So I lost $1 000 and Wells Fargo won’t refund the money. It is my contention that the preliminary assault on my account provided him with enough information to persuade a reasonable man that indeed he was a Wells Fargo employee and the negligence of the bank on preventing that breach was instrumental for the Zelle transaction to take place.

  3. Please add me to the law suit. Wells Fargo will not post my car payment for weeks after paying it- to add interest fees to the balance. I wan to join the law suit for the year’s worth of interest charged to me.

  4. Class Action Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

    Would like file to claim against Wells Fargo, I am 95-year-old women who was given a 10-year balloon payment. They would not let me refinance loan, and they want the complete payment.

  5. How do you get in the mortgage scandal with Wells Fargo? I have been through the 2008-2009 mortgage crash. Wells Fargo came into city of pgh and I sat down and talked to them with the other mortgage firms. They had promised the modification of the loan when I left the bldg? I had signed the modification with a supervisor, the modification never happened? They sent me a letter in mail and did nothing more than drop my interest .25 percent? In 2016 I had accidentally missed a payment on my mortgage. When I realized it, I called Wells Fargo and talked with them I told them I was going to make my full payment and half that month and with the full payment half the next to get the one payment missed caught back up. They would not put the money that I had made to bring the missed payment to current completely would not account for payment saying that the government modification would help me, repeatedly told them I’ve been through them before with something like that and I wanted nothing to do with it. Going foward they would not take my mortgage payment kept refusing it to the point it put me into foreclosure? Now they had me talking with a home specialist ( I was very aggravated) telling me that they will get me in a modification I was still fighting to why wouldn’t they take my payment and allocate it where it’s supposed to be towards the principal they just kept refusing. So talking with the home specialist they had got me on phone with the HOPE program as we were discussing at that point that they were working in the modification and the proposal got declined and making more paperwork for me to send them for a different approach. A week later I started getting paperwork in the mail that the HOPE program and Wells Fargo were short sailing my duplex????? I had called them both asking what are they doing I didn’t agree to short sale the house I live in, mind you I’m a single parent on ssdi. So the short sale stopped this went on for more than 5 6 months. I called they told me my home specialist doesn’t work with Well Fargo anymore, as I heard laughing in the background, I hung up phone didn’t call for a couple days trying to find out who my new home specialist was, I kept getting voice mail? Then getting though I found they opened a bank account in my name nothing to do with mortgage ( this was a nightmare ). I called saying I was someone else looking for my old home specialist he had answered phone? I asked way he told me that he didn’t work there anymore he had told me that they moved him inside job (as again heard other men laughing in background). I had had asked him who my new home specialist was? I asked him why the person answered the phone as home specialist? I had found the new home specialist as she stated making do the paperwork again I told her what I was going through questioning why they had forced me into a modification program I didn’t agree to and that they refused to apply my mortgage payment right they would not apply it to my principal forcing the months foward late unpaid status and then wouldn’t take my payments at all? She just started saying again the new government mindification is will be so much better than what they had originally signed from time I bought the houses and the last forced modification. I was looking everywhere I had talked with a lawyer he told me to wait for the paperwork, ughhh I went to the urban league of pgh, PA I showed him my loan and what they had been doing and what the lawyer had said, the supervisor seen how unlawful of its nature. We sat down and typed a whole proposal with interest payments principal, he had signed it from urban league and who he was( this took a almost 2 weeks to write proposal) and sent it to them. Wells Fargo did and would not even acknowledge the proposal. The supervisor didn’t know what to tell me. The next few months as the home specialist told me I had to wait as they were really just forcing me further into foreclosure dates right down to the day that they were going to take my houses down to what they call the 11th hour and she had called me and told me they had finally got an agreement and that I had to sign and send back the proposal in 24 hours. The proposal was that they raised the interest rate up a percentage from what I originally had , that wellsfargo added 10 years to my loan, and that now I have a 20,000.00 balloon payment on the month that I make final payment on my loan!!! I was outraged she explained that I could not appeal and if I didn’t sign the paperwork that they would move foward with foreclosure they forced it to the last minute. I had to sign it now I’m sitting here I bought this house for 125,000 in sept. 2006 on a fixed interest rate at 3.25 percent charging me for the PMI for like over 5 years, to date April 2023 I still owe 85,401.00 with my interest rate at 3.75 and still have til October 2045 for the term of loan and have a 20,000.00 balloon payment.

    Wells Fargo called me in and though the COVID trying to talk me into not paying my mortgage, it’s on auto withdrawal from my bank, I’m so afraid of Wellsfargo I told them I would rather starve then ask them for any help.

    I am given a hard time with debt to income ratio on credit! I have not been late or missed a mortgage payment at all. My credit has like frozen can not get my score up.

    If anyone is reading this that could guide me to get into participating into suing in a class act or individual law suite to help me, I would think it would be more of an individual suit as to they have unlawful charges me late payment for all the months they refused to allocate money and how anyone could explain to me that my principal they are charging me up and down through the years only 250 to 350 a month my mortgage payment is 1087.00 a month and that process of them forcing me into a modification was 5 to 6 months how they have a 20,000.00 balloon payment on at the time it was 785.00 a month only 220 a month of mortgage principle 600 a year at the time taxes 1800 for that year? Please someone out there help me sue them due to unlawful practices, over charging consumer at large? How did they put 10 years on my loan where is all the money constituted at( not sure if that was the right word) the stress, depression, feeling hopeless, influencing other creditors looking at my credit and judging me for WellsFargos unlawful practices. I have been looking into refinancing once other companies look at the loan they see it but the truth of over charging me would cost me all the money and more in the long run?

    I was not disabled when I purchased the house I really feel that this is the most corrrupt bank I have ever seen. I have lived here for 15 years. Now I am found out through the COVID when the world was shut down American took my home owners from 1000.00 to over 2000.00 wellsfargo did not flag or tell me my mortgage was 785 at end of 2021 I got a letter that my escrow came in short 2000.00 short and that my new mortgage payment is back again over 1000.00 a month ughhh again I’m on a fixed income now mortgage is up over 200 a month and WOW found out during this modification process the 2 they forced me into the multi family house that was listed as such in pgh, PA deed book is changed to detachable properties and Wellsfargo told me that city of pgh and Allegheny county is currently charging me twice for both county and city at different prices one for a secured unit that codes down to they are charging me for a parking spot???? This was not like this when I purchased house it was listed as multi family house I remember looking it up and doing compatibles getting the homestead discount the property inspections were done and passed this was not listed this way now I have called down into pgh city property tax where I haven’t gotten through to anyone?? Wells Fargo was able to call in and the woman told me she was sorry because they said they flags missed something and had to up the tax. Why Wells Fargo didn’t fix it then I’m so questiong who changed this and how could anyone change the way my multi family house which is a duplex and they have the picture?

    Anyone that could direct me into help with this issue please contact me.

    The lawyer that I had ended up passing away all the paperwork Wellsfargo had given me was Mis printed wrong months I did not get a letter of foreclosure for the first 5 months in the mail! I’m not sure how anyone or corporation gets away with hurting people and stealing forcing people so easily into foreclosure. Then forcing me into agreement when I would been homeless with kids for no reason at all, like I said I m not sure how or why I missed that 1 payment after the 2008-2009 mess I had new not to want to have anything to do with Wells Fargo, the allowance of government being able to put the federal reserve rate at that time to 3.75 and me being in the middle of a forced modification having my interest put up at time from the 2006 rate? I have lost sleep and still do on how to pay this mortgage for so many more years to ownership.

    This has been nothing more than a nightmare buying a house with Wells Fargo being the lender. I bought this house in a short sale I had made a bid at 110,000.00 ? 15 years of payment I still owe 110,00.00 on the house???

  6. My elderly mother was the victim of the Wells Fargo scan that had employees open new accounts for “points”. She asked that money be put in her already opened saving account which had interest payments but it was put in a new account with no interest and was so strangely set up her two heirs were not given the money when she died. Only the State of Oregon let us know there was an unused account in her name. We lost years of interest as we would have invested the money in CDs or stocks. It took three days of our time to close the account and get the money out. Even the Wells Fargo employee who helped us said it was a scam and the account was oddly put together. Please include us in your lawsuit.

  7. Do you have any class action suits pending regarding the $200 checks WF is now issuing claiming “During a review of the account, we identified that when the loan was considered for payment assistance options, an error may have occurred. As a result, we are enclosing a check for $200. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.” WF claims that this is not part of the CFPB settlement but a “closed settlement”. WF refuses to provide exactly what the error is and why they did this audit. WF claims it doesn’t have any info as to this “closed settlement”.

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