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There is currently a class action lawsuit pending in Florida, which involves the Frontier Communications Network (F CN). This suit involves an employee who recently was terminated from his position for complaining about a particular company policy. The complaint claimed harassment and discrimination. The case was subsequently turned over to the Florida Department of Employment and Development (DOL) for determination.

Frontier Communications Class Action Lawsuit Florida

The details of this lawsuit are detailed in an eight-page Complaint which is filed by F CN against its three named defendants. The complaint names Frontier Communications as well as certain individual employees of the F CN who were accused of creating a hostile work environment by engaging in various activities such as throwing articles, making threats, and writing obscene comments. Some of these activities occurred while the employees worked for the F CN. Also included in this class action lawsuit are the employers of each of the named defendant whose conduct was complained of.

On April 4th, the plaintiff’s attorney provided written notice to the defendants stating that the plaintiff intended to file a complaint in the upcoming class action lawsuit on behalf of the six named plaintiffs.

The complaint was later filed in the court of the county court on June 6th. On July 5th, the named defendants were served with a copy of the complaint by the plaintiff’s attorney. On August 4th, the defendants were served with a reply to the complaint by the plaintiff’s attorney. On August 7th, the plaintiff filed an answer to the complaint by filing a report and document in the court of the county court denying the allegations.

On September 7th, the court issued a final judgment in the case stating that all claims against the defendants had been denied class action lawsuit recovery.

The court found without a reasonable probability that the defendants caused personal injury to the six named class members. The court found that the defendants violated Florida statutes which require reasonable notice before reporting an injury to the general public or through publication. The court further held that the communication between the defendants and the three named individual defendants was proper and protected by the Florida statutes. The court further held that the defendants failed to give notice that their phone number and address were listed in any of the newspapers.

On December 12th, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida entered judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

The court awarded monetary damages and permanent injunctions against the three defendants. The court also awarded additional statutory damages to the class members. These awards bring the total recovery to over one million dollars.

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