A Festiva Resort is a well known resort situated in Florida. The suit was filed against this resort by an individual who lost his wife and both he and his family lost their business. This class action lawsuit named Rachael Markham of West Palm Beach, Florida as the main plaintiff and provided details of the incident. The suit says that Markham became too ill to work after her husband suffered a stroke and as a result they had to close their business. Markham then went on a wild ride in an ambulance before being rushed to a Sarasota hospital where she died.

Class Action Lawsuit On Festiva Resorts

This was one of the first class action lawsuits over the death of a disabled person in Florida. The other suit is also from a disabled person who was killed in a similar incident. This class action lawsuit is being handled by the same attorney. Both suits charge that Festiva Resort contributed to the conditions which resulted in the death of these two individuals. They say that Rachael Markham’s wrongful death claim is valid because the owner of Festiva Resort negligently failed to make reasonable accommodation for disabled persons who used the resort’s swimming facility.

Both of the lawsuits also charge that this company failed to train its employees on how to make disabled persons safe in the swimming pool.

They also say that Rachael’s husband did not have the appropriate safety training and had been repeatedly warned not to go into the pool alone. She also fell into the swimming pool backwards and was later dragged under the water by other patrons. The claims also state that Markham was a very impatient person and would often wait for others to finish whatever he was doing without allowing others to use the facilities. This included two other disabled individuals.

The other claims against Festiva Resort include punitive and negligence damages.

This will be decided at a later date when the case is tried in court. These claims have already reached the courts.

The class action lawsuit was brought by Rachael Markham, who lost her mother in a wrongful death.

The claims against Festiva Resorts are expected to cost them millions of dollars. The owners of this company could face jail time if they are found to be negligent. A class action lawsuit could force the owners to compensate the people who died in their swimming pools.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident caused by a defective piece of equipment or negligence from a ski resort, then the first step to obtaining compensation is to file a claim with the help of an attorney.

These types of accidents happen more than you might think. You can file a class action lawsuit to hold the person or company responsible for your injuries or deaths responsible for any medical bills or loss you suffer as a result of the incident.

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