Class Action Lawsuit Against Dr. Blum, Practice Owner of Levaquin Inc

In his recently published book, The Medicine of the Body Mind and the Soul, Dr. David Valentino, D.O., provides an interesting and highly informative chapter entitled “Class Action Lawsuits: The Unrightsful Taking of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CAS).” This is a very serious problem that seems to be getting worse rather than better, as more pharmaceutical companies are avoiding liability in the production of their drugs by putting active ingredients like levaquin antibiotics in these products. Dr. Valentino points out that the reason why these companies are not being held accountable for their actions is because class action lawsuits involving health issues, illness or death cannot be proven. Class action lawsuits are meant for people who were damaged due to the recklessness of others.

What does this mean for those who have filed class-action lawsuits against companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Genzyme, Merck, and Pfizer? Well, if the claims are true, then the class action lawsuit that was filed against these companies may not have been completely wrong. In fact, some people have lost their lives after taking the wrong medication! So, let’s discuss how this would affect those filing a class action lawsuit.

Let’s assume that a woman is diagnosed with Levaquin, a prescription antibiotic used to treat strep throat. The doctor gives her two weeks to take this drug, which he describes as a powerful antifungal. She starts on it, only to experience side effects like nausea and drowsiness, which result in her not taking the medicine for the duration agreed upon. Because it is a strong antibiotic, she may have developed a deeper, more profound infection and Levaquin could have played a major role in her demise!

Obviously, this is a tragic case, but it is far from being the exception. Many medical professionals carry out unsupervised checks on patients who show no signs of illness and then prescribe powerful antibiotics like Levaquin for a wide variety of ailments. As you can imagine, these drugs can have some serious side effects. For this reason, a lawsuit should be filed against the manufacturer of Levaquin and the medical institution where this doctor Practice took her. If it is proven that Levaquin caused this woman harm, then it may be liable for the injuries sustained by the other patients whom she treated without the proper supervision.

It is highly likely that other patients will file a lawsuit against L diguen, Dr. Blum and the medical institution where they received treatment. The reason why this case is different from another class action lawsuit is because the plaintiffs were able to prove that the medical personnel either did not know the potential side effects of prescribing L diluent, or worse, did not know that it could cause such severe and fatal side effects. This shows just how serious these issues are and it also shows just how difficult it is to be around individuals who display unprofessional attitudes and behaviors.

Another class action lawsuit currently in process is one in which a woman died after taking Levaquin. She was actually pregnant at the time of taking the medication, and although she was not having major health problems prior to taking Levaquin, she was in very bad health when she began taking the medicine. It is the company’s responsibility to warn women about the serious side effects of Levaquin and its propensity to cause birth defects. There has also been additional litigation regarding the possibility that Levaquin may cause breast cancer. Because Levaquin is used in a great deal of United States pharmacies as a generic item, a class action lawsuit could very well bring significant financial compensation for the women who have been negatively affected by the actions of a corporation.

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