Devry University is one of the many schools that have been accused in a class action lawsuit against them. Class action lawsuits allow people to band together to pursue a lawsuit against an entity and it has recently become especially popular in the past few years. The lawsuit against Devry was filed by a group of students at Devry University, who says that the school’s marketing scheme enticed them into enrolling but then did not offer any degree or educational services in exchange for money. The entire thing was uncovered by an education watchdog group called “Theophile Center for Research on Christianity.”

One of the groups involved in the class action lawsuit against Devry University is called “Theophile Center for Research on Christianity”.

This organization is headed by Larry Fedora and has received several awards from right wing organizations for their work against homosexuality. The “Center” also publishes a glossy magazine and its website feature some pretty harsh criticism of the United States’ Department of Education’s handling of failing schools. Among the many complaints outlined in the center’s website are that the Department of Education does not provide enough oversight to failing schools and that they do not do enough inspections of colleges before allowing them to enroll students. In fact, according to one complaint filed by the “Center”, the Department of Education only inspects about ten percent of colleges and universities across the country.

The center’s attorney filing the complaint against Devry University is named Lawrence Adalian. It appears that this complaint may be another example of fraud brought about by left-leaning groups with the stated mission of “exposing Campus religious discrimination”. Another attorney listed on the complaint, Stephen R. Mandell, is a resident scholar of the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington. His credentials seem to dispute the accuracy of the complaint’s claims of fraud.

The Discovery Institute has also received criticism over the past year for hosting speakers with views that are contrary to those espoused by the Catholic Church.

As it turns out, many of these speakers were outspoken critics of the Roman Catholic Church and their support of marriage as between a man and woman. And while the attorneys general of several states have condemned the complaint as a fraud, they have also taken the opportunity to draw attention to the other cases that they have brought against corporations and universities with alleged fraud. In some cases these cases have resulted in hefty fines or jail sentences for the institutions.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is one of the leading members of the National Lawyers Guild, has criticized the Center for Medical Care as well. The guild is affiliated with the National Health Services Institute and is listed as an opponent of the redefinition of marriage in the UK. In one of their articles, they cited a case from last year in which doctors at a hospital in Stockport, Merseyside removed a gay man from a dating service because of his sexual orientation. They claimed in the complaint that the doctor used inappropriate words when discussing the man’s “identity” and that he discriminated against him on the basis of his sexual orientation.

Similar complaints have been made against the University of Alabama and the University of Florida over the past couple of years. The original complaint was filed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the U.S. Department of Education. While no formal charges have been brought against the universities, the suits are still being investigated. If the attorneys general decide to investigate these new claims, it is likely that class action lawsuits will soon be popping up across the country targeting the same institutions.

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