If you’re looking for a Broward County family lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably heard of Mandatory Mediation, Child support, Visitation, Forms, and the like, but what exactly is the legal process? You can find out in this article. Here’s a quick summary of how these services work. To learn more, read on. We’ll explain the process step-by-step.

Child support

Child support is a complicated issue in Florida divorces. The courts weigh several factors when determining the amount that should be paid to one parent or the other to support a child. For example, the parents’ incomes, any existing time-sharing or custody agreements, and the cost of all things associated with raising a child are all considered. A Broward county family lawyer specializing in child support cases can help you navigate this process and protect your rights.


If you’re separated from your spouse, you need the help of a family lawyer in Broward County to navigate the complex laws regarding child custody and visitation. These issues involve the most important decision an adult can make: how to care for the children. Broward County family lawyers have the experience necessary to help you make this decision. They can guide you through every step of the process and explain what to expect. The Law Office of Kenneth J. Louie has successfully handled cases throughout the state, including Broward County.

Mandatory Mediation

When you file for divorce in Florida, you are likely to be facing a complex process involving property division, spousal support, and parenting time. The decisions you make during this time will affect you and your family for many years to come. In Broward County, mandatory mediation is a common part of the divorce process. While you may be able to waive mandatory mediation, it is best to hire an attorney who has experience in this area.


Broward County courthouses offer forms to represent themselves in court. In addition to local forms, the court also offers Florida Supreme Court-approved forms. Interested parties may visit the Pro Se Self Help Unit located at the Broward County Central Courthouse, 201 SE 6th St., Room 248. This location offers a variety of family law forms, including divorce and custody forms. For those who cannot afford the services of a lawyer, forms are available to help them represent themselves in court.


If you are facing a divorce, you will need a lawyer with extensive experience in Florida family law. The courts determine what property is marital and what is separate, and they divide the property equitably between the two spouses. This term doesn’t necessarily mean equal. It simply means that the assets should be split fairly. If you are pursuing a divorce, you may find that your home is at stake. The experience and reputation of a Broward County family law attorney are important in these cases.


The Isaacs Family Law Group in Broward County, Florida, provides top-notch family law services. Their attorneys can strategically pick battles for their clients and ensure their best interests come out on top in court. Their full-service team helps clients maintain focus on their post-litigation goals. Isaacs Family Law Group lawyers are also highly skilled in creating pre-marital agreements and resolving alimony and child support disputes.

Contact information

If you’re considering a divorce in Broward County, you’ll need to find a lawyer with extensive experience in this area of the law. There are many different attorneys you can choose from. You can find information about Broward County divorce lawyers on the LII Lawyer Directory, which contains profiles of over one million lawyers in the U.S. and abroad. These websites also contain profiles of legal aid organizations, which can provide free or low-cost legal advice and assistance.

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